How to get to the museum?

Poster Museum is placed in the old ménage which used to be a part of the Wilanów Palace complex. You can get there by car – from the centre of Warsaw go south to Wialnów, direction of The Wilanów Palace, turn to the Stanisława Kostki Potockiego Street.

You can also get there by bus (it will take approximately half an hour to reach Wialnów from the centre of Warsaw). Get off at the last bus station “Wilanów” and take Stansiława Kostki Potockiego street, direction of the Wilanów Palace (5 min. approximately). Buses: 116, 117, 130, 180, E-2 (from Nowy Świat street),  519 (from the Central Train Station), 251, 139, 339, 317.